if one does not work hard
he cannot expect to succeed

Awards and Honors

1. The Best B.A. Graduate, Faculty of Education, IAIN Alauddin Makassar, 1976.
2.Summa Cumlaude, Fakultas Tarbiyah IAIN Alauddinn 1980.
3.Awards by Fulbright Commision, 1985.
4.“Mumtaaz” by Al-Jamiah al Islaamiyah bi al-Madinah al-Munawwarah in 1990.
5. Awards in professional development from President Bill Clinton on behalf of the government of The U.S.A. at Minneapolis, The U.S.A., Juli 1993.
6.Satyalancana Karya Satya XX star from the President of the Republic of Indonesia, 18 Desember 2000.
7.“Gold pin” award as the “ideal rector” by The Minister of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, January 3rd 2010.

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